*We are visionaries and problem solvers.

*We seek the truth and preach it.

*We seek to correct what is wrong.

*We will shine a light in dark places.

*We will not be bought or sold.

*We will improve the state of society.

*We believe the time to act is NOW.



To Change this adverse, gangsta culture

by shattering its  negative belief system

and by establishing a model to replace it.



To "BE" what we want others to "BECOME".



We will no longer complain about the conditions of violence and moral decay in

our city and nation.  We have come to this moment refusing to be a part of the problem by doing NOTHING..

We will no longer look for outsiders to do for us and our community

what we have within our own power to do for ourselves.

We believe that the solution to our problems must not come from outside of our community

but from within and that the solution must begin with each one of us.

We will unite our talents and resources and together will impact this negative culture for the good.

God has given us Keys to the Kingdom with authority over the forces of evil.

We will not be denied victory because victory belongs to us.

We are leaders in this battle and will govern ourselves as such.

We will take full responsibility to make a radical difference in the world.  

We will enlist others to join our cause, and together, with the help of GOD,

will make our homes, our communities, our schools, and our nation,

a safer, better, and more productive place to live.


The time is NOW! The place is HERE!  The people are WE!

LET'S DO IT!!!!!



Official press release: Global Day of Action set for.


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