Princeton H. Holt, CEO


by Princeton H. Holt 

We have a mandate from heaven to impact this adverse, gangsta culture by shining the bright light of truth in dark places. We must put God back into the equation by making Him a major factor in how we address the problem.

There is a creative Wisdom that comes from God and God alone, a Wisdom that can no longer be ignored or denied.  Creative Wisdom is God’s remedy to every human situation regardless of how adverse that situation may appear to be.  He had a remedy for darkness that we call light.  He had a remedy for hunger that we call food.  He had a remedy for nakedness that we call clothes. He also has a remedy for gang violence that I call knowledge, a knowledge that clears up misconceptions about how life should be lived.  A TRUTH that will change how gang members think and in what they believe.

It’s time to make a change. We can no longer afford to sit idly by and watch our children kill each other without a reason. I am compelled to unite my voice with others of like mind, and to use all the gifts and talents that God has given me, and together, bring awareness and transformation to this misinformed and misguided generation.      





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